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    I have an idea that is brilliant and amazing and there is no reason why WordPress shouldn’t implement it:
    Let users create a followers list that they can remove names from. The current followers list will be unchanged, but users can choose to remove followers from an additional followers list.

    The original followers list will still have all the technical information that WordPress maintains makes it impossible for spam users to be removed, but users will be able to edit the new list so that only legitimate followers are on it. It would be basically letting users sub-categorise their main followers list:

    For example, I have 232 followers. I expect at least 100 are spam. My main followers list has 232 followers, but I further break the list down into an authentic follower list that has only 132 users on it.

    Essentially, we’ll still have the followers list as it stands now, with an additional list that exists only as a reference for users to keep track of which followers are not spam. Users can then choose which list to use in their stats Widget.
    After all, why would I tell people I have 232 followers if I know almost half are spam? :/

    The blog I need help with is

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