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    I’m a blog reader, not a blogger. While logged into my WordPress account, and I post comments on a blog, I am consistently identified as a spammer and my submissions are sent to a queue to be approved by the blogger. I’m the only one of his readers who experiences this situation.

    The blogger has tried to greenlight me time and time again, but is helpless to figure out why your spam detection system won’t let me through. Is it really true that WordPress bloggers cannot greenlight an authenticated (logged in) user so that his comments are always accepted? I have yet to have a single comment accepted without waiting for the blogger to approve it. I have no reason to believe I’ve offended the blogger, so I trust he’s not doing this to me intentionally. He approves everything I write.


    It some times takes a few tries before the spam filter here at wordpress will learn and remember that you are not spam. Spammers could also sign up for a wordpress username and so the spam filter has to look at everything. It could be your particular email provider as some are known to host spammers as well. I don’t know that that is the case, but it’s another possible factor.

    Your best bet is to post more on the bloggers site and have him “de-spam” you a few more times. Typically after a few or several times the spam filter will “learn” that you are not a spammer and then you will be OK. I would suggest possibly once a day for several days in a row to leave a comment rather than a bunch in one day.



    I’ve been “de-spammed” more than 14 times. It seems like a broken system.

    When a blogger knows that a specific user who has a WordPress account is not a spammer, why can he not greenlight that user? It seems like a basic feature. My blog comments end up disjointed, being approved late, and thus stuck somewhere in the middle of a long discussion thread, too late for regular readers to even notice. I’m essentially a second-class citizen.



    Akismet treats people the same across everywhere it’s been installed. If a blogger could greenlight someone like that, all the spammers would just register blogs and greenlight each other.

    But when they’re approved, they should go where you made them, not in weird places.





    If you contact staff with the details of comments that have been sent to Akismet despite repeated un-spammings, they may be able to help you with it. Use the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday



    The problem must be my username. I commented for months anonymously without problems. I’ve since opened a second account under a different username and not been blocked even once.

    Akismet just hates Heralpo. My solution: I’m going back to being anonymous. It’s much easier and headache free.



    It wasn’t your name.

    It’s also way way easier to help when your link leads to a blog not a website.

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