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    I get a message pop up when I go to my blog that says

    ‘authentication required’

    and then the following message

    ‘A user name and password are being requested by The site says: “wp”‘

    followed by a username and password box.

    Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Just happened to me too when I visited your blog. Are you linking to that site in any way (link, image…)?

    Otherwise I suggest contacting Support directly



    I visited the site linked to your username… no problem but when I clicked on the link that you put in your post above, avast automatically detected a virus….
    If confirmed, I think that staff should remove the link in this post to prevent this happening again.


    Thanks guys. I will contact support.


    Member seems to be a Movabletype site hosted on:


    No news back from support yet on this one so if anyone has any ideas…



    I got it as well. I vaguely remember this happening to someone else several years ago, and it turned out to be a mistake in the back end of the blog, a piece of code that had gone astray. Of course, I can’t find that thread now. I’ll flag this thread for attention by staff and hopefully we can get this straightened out for you.


    Cheers pal, that would be ace.




    The blog doesn’t appear to be hosted here at, so there’s unfortunately little we can do to assist.

    What’s popping up is an authorization box that’s likely been set up at the server level or using the .htaccess file in the /wp-admin/ directory. And auxclass is right; it looks like a Movable Type blog, so I’m not sure if there’s even anything *in* the wp-admin directory.

    Did someone set this site up for you? You would probably be best off contacting that person for help.

    Thanks for marking the topic for us, RC.


    No, I made the blog. No idea who this Stanek person is although they do have a word press blog if you search for jill stanek.

    Is there nothing else I can do then? :-(


    actually they don’t have a blog – she just appears in others. It was fine until a few days ago then suddenly appeared.



    Clicking on “mrlebredonchel” name sends you to: which is a WP.COM blog but then the Stanek pop-up appears –

    Must be a link from to stanek – or a redirect from a link.

    Any idea what was added to your blog just before the ugly pop-up showed up?


    Hmm, not sure my friend. Shall I just delete all the posts from since it appeared?


    I only get it on the homepage, the other pages are ok. I just made the recent posts pending review but that hasn’t worked.



    In your post on Smoothies,

    you are trying to hotlink this image file from her server:

    Once you remove the file request, it should stop happening.



    By the way, here’s some information you may want to read about hotlinking and bandwidth theft


    that’s just amazing jennifer!

    you’re a legend. I think a few days of trouble is the least I deserve for stealing all that bandwidth too! :-)



    Great catch!

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