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Author Bio on Twenty Eleven

  1. Hi friends.
    I'm using twenty eleven theme on my blog, but don't know why Author Bio, below each post isn't showing. Before today, I didn't even know whether or not Author Bio is shown on Twenty Eleven. But as I visited @Timethief's blog, (I saw her bio below posts) I got confused . Where's the mistake? What should I do to show my Author Bio on blog? As far I know, @TT has not custom-design upgrade, that she could change the theme configurations.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to edit your profile and info in the About You field.

  3. I've following info in About You box:

    A stupid math lover. I try to mingle my knowledge with the web. Currently thrilling with number theory, quantum mechanics and co-ordination chemistry.
    Is it not enough? You can check my gravatar too:
    PS: I previewed my blog in Twenty Ten, where author bio was showing well.

  4. You should be seeing that info along with your gravatar under each post in 2011 too (right below the list of cats and tags). I've got it listed in my relevant post, and I just checked it again in my tests blog. Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?

  5. No. I have not custom design upgrade. Practically you can try any post on my blog. No one has Author Bio. And I understand where Author Bio is found. Before today, I thought it is intentional and No one might have author bio below their posts.

  6. Re-edited my profile, but still it is not showing.

  7. If it worked, it would show up under all posts. And you understand I asked about the CD upgrade to know if I should check for messed up CSS.

    I'm afraid I'm out of answers.

  8. I too Panos! This problem is not just for this blog, but also for my other blogs which are using TwentyEleven theme, as I've tagged it for staff.

  9. Well. Is one cool site an exception? All the blogs using Twenty Eleven, which I've visited within one hour, do not have Author Bio, below their articles. Interesting.

  10. Twenty Eleven doesn't have a prominent author bio, but Twenty Ten does.

    The only thing that Twenty Eleven really has are the "This entry was posted in Photos by Gaurav Tiwari." links at the end of the post which link to your author bio.

    If you have seen a Twenty Eleven blog with a prominent author bio, can you please link me to it?

  11. @wpgaurav and macmanx
    Chateau, Choco, Duster, Elegant Grunge, Enterprise, Liquorice, Matala, Mystique, The Morning After, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical and Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Vertigo and Vostok display the author’s profile and gravatar when viewing a single post at the end of the post.

    I'm glad the Twenty Eleven theme does display the author’s profile and gravatar when viewing a single post at the end of the post, as thesacredpath and I are co-Admins of one cool site and he has published some excellent posts on that blog. It was one of the features that prompted me to change to using that theme.

  12. Ah, that's the key, thank you!

    Twenty Eleven only displays an author bio below the post when a blog has more than one author.

  13. Yes! and I apologize for not mentioning that above.

  14. Thanks

  15. @wpgaurav
    You can set up a second username account for yourself using a different email address and make that second username an Admin who never publishes, and that will solve your problem. :)

  16. Thats great. It worked. But do you know, my bio was not showing unless I named second administrator at least one post.

  17. Aha! another important bit of information. So did you change the other authors' date stamp on his single post and send it backwards in time?

  18. @timethief It was easy. Just 'Quick Edit'ed the post. And scrolled to changed the author name for one post. :) You've a genius brain. Thanks!

  19. You're welcome. :)

  20. @wpgaurav: Sorry I wasn't able to help. I tried to reproduce everything in my test blog as it was in yours, but I didn't think of the lack of a second author (I do have one in mine - like you did, myself under a different account).

  21. @PANOS It's okay. :) You tried to help me and I should say thanks to you too.

  22. Great !! Thanx.. :)

  23. You're welcome from me. :)

  24. Once Again Thanx!!! :) :)

    गजबे टेक्निक भिड़ा के काम बना दिहला :)

  25. @wpgaurav - Above comment is for you.. :) (in bhojpuriya style)

  26. @timethief - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  27. Thank you (blushing).

  28. @manobhumi :)

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