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    I am new in wordpress and i started a blog with two members. Is there any way to show the author display name at each post, under of it ?? I mean as a link, which could guide the reader to the author profile.
    Thanks in advance



    There is more than one way to achieve what you want. Please read the information in this forum thread and if none of these methods suit you please post again so others can make their suggestions.
    (1) Some themes automatically display authors names and others do not. Some themes have authors pages templates in them others do not. This is in accord with the designer’s choice. There are theme reviews you can use to find themes with these features.
    (2) You also could create an Authors (parent) category and a Sub-category (children) under it for the name of each individual author in any theme. Then when posts are created they can be assigned to them as appropriate.
    (3) The last alternative I can think of is to have each author provide a by-line on the posts he or she makes.



    I think creating a tag (TT’s suggestion #2) is the best way to do this, as it would not only allow you to sort the blog for posts by a particular author (really useful!) but it would also give them some presence on Technorati, Google, and various other search engines. As long as it’s not a private blog, this would be a good thing for them. It’s like a byline, but with added functionality and PR value.


    Thank you very much

    I tried the solution using the categories and is OK. It can works as index and is also displayed under the post.With simple solution i can separate the posts by author.



    You’re welcome. I’m so glad it worked for you. I love happy endings. :)

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