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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble with a widget - the author grid.

    I suppose you can put various images and it shows there, which would be really useful, however, I can't find anywhere how to do that... where do I do that? what do I need to do? change my gravatar? add images to my profile? (which didn't work)... what? :s I really need to learn how to use it... please help :3

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It shows the authors' gravatars. Do the authors on your site have avatars?

  3. yes but, just one... I was thinking about each author uploading many images and then it'd be shown on the author grid.. however, only one gravatar per author appears... and I've already seen a blog (from that had many images but just one author... so I was thinking about doing that too..

  4. hey people... help? please ;__;

  5. The authors widget is a good way to list the authors of your blog with a link to a page listing all of the their posts.

    It appears you want something different from the authors' widget. If I understand, you want widgets for each author to display a set of pictures of their choice.

    If so, then you (or each author) will have to handcraft one using table coding.
    Sidebar for Dusk theme = 170 Use photos 80px wide, aligncenter
    table with 2 rows, 2 pictures per row:

    </table><table style="background-color:#000000;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width="170" align="center">
    <td width="85">A_TOP_LEFT</td>
    <td width="85">B_TOP_RIGHT</td>
    <td width="85">C_BOTTOM_LEFT</td>
    <td width="85">D_BOTTOM_RIGHT</td>

    Or you could use a Flikr widget for each author (of course each author would need a Flikr account)

  6. oh, thank you ^^ I'll try that ^^

  7. OH,I forgot to specify, you want to put that table code into a text widget of course.
    ditto the flikr codes

    happy blogging!

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