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  1. Hi! I would like to have the function to add an Author info box at the end of each post. I googled this, and apparently WP Biographia is a good one - however when I researched more on implementing this it doesn't appear possible on the site I use?

    Is there a author info box I can use in .com? How do I move over to .org to implement greater functionality/plugins?

    Thank you
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  2. That is not directly an option at, though some themes, like Twenty Ten, do have this built-in.

  3. My best suggestion is to add a Gravatar Profile widget in Appearance -> Widgets to your sidebar or footer area (for the Elemin theme), then you can go to the Settings tab on the home page to fill out the About You section in your Public Profile.

    (You can also use add a Text widget to your sidebar or footer.)

  4. Thanks for responses. bryanvillarin - I want this function mostly for contributors - would this work for adding contributors too?

  5. Yes, you can add multiple instances of either widget.

  6. Okay. But this wouldn't be at the bottom of their authored post?

  7. Correct.

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