Author name can still be revealed elsewhere even with a theme that hides it

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    In another forum question regarding anonymity, someone asked if it is possible to have two blogs under one WP username, where one blog is for business purposes and therefore displaying author’s true/full name while the other blog is anonymous.

    The answer suggested was that one can choose a theme that does not display the author’s name for the anonymous blog. This way, visitors to the anonymous blog will not see any name displayed.

    While this works, I found this is not truly safe, because Google Reader still displays the anonymous blog’s author name regardless of the WP theme chosen.

    To test this, use Google Reader to add a subscription for the WP blog that does not show author’s name. Then, read the blog through Google Reader. Voila… the name is shown by Google Reader under the blog article’s title, as “by xxx”. Let’s say you have a business blog that display your true name, then, that same name will be displayed in Google Reader for the anonymous blog. This gives someone else a way to link the two blogs to you, if they mean to find out.

    Is there a way around this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    If your referring to blogs Then What you need to do is set the two blogs up under to different user names and emails then in the profile section of the dashboard choose a anonymous nick name that way the blog you want your real name will have your real name and the blog you don’t want the readers to now who the Author will have a anonymous author name in google reader.



    Yes, I think unfortunately that’s the only solution. I wish there were a way to have two blogs (public and anonymous) under the same WP user name.

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