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    I am doing a blog for friends and family, and I’d like to have my author name show up as my first name only for tone reasons, but my username is first and last name, and that is how my authorship shows up there. On a different blog, I want to use first and last name, so I don’t want to make changes to my authorship name that would take effect across all my blogs.

    I thought I could add myself as “firstname” as another user as a workaround, but it looks like I’d have to be signed up with WordPress under that name or something? A separate account? That doesn’t make sense.

    I did search forums for “first name author” and other stuff but got nothing related. I apologize if I just could not intuit good search terms for a previously addressed question.

    I’ve looked under users, writing, etc. Can’t figure out where this info is.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    We can set a different display name or “nickname”. Maybe this will help >


    Thanks timethief. Yes, I see that, but it seems it changes display name on ALL my blogs instead of a single blog.

    Maybe I would need different accounts to have varying display names? I’m not sure. It just seems weird to have a blog aimed at those closest to me have each post signed by Jeanne Faulconer.

    I appreciate your thoughts on this. Forum volunteers rock!



    You can change the nickname when you go to make a post, then change it back. But it IS a pain. The only other way to do it is to get a different username entirely, which means getting a new email.


    Ok, raincoaster. I could do that. This particular blog won’t have that many posts. How would I change nickname post-by-post? I watched a video about changing users among multiple users, but I did not even seem to have that section on my dashboards — I figure that is because I don’t have multiple users signed up for my blog.

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