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    I apologize for my fuzzy memory but it’s been almost a year since I customized by blog ( I remember doing… something… to prevent the author name from displaying on posts (as I would be the only author).

    I’m using the “Enterprise” theme with custom CSS (although I did relatively minor tweaking – I do like my green).

    I remember specifically editing XSL for the posts and commenting out the author section. Either a) I did this someplace else and and am confused, b) I did this but the feature is no longer available or c) I’m insane. No matter how I did it I see that other blogs using Enterprise display the author name and mine doesn’t.

    I’ve been through the appearence and profile options looking for settings and scoured the custom CSS (there doesn’t seem to be a specific declaration for the author name – and if there was the changes don’t seem like they’d affect it).

    As a last resort I’ve also tried changing themes and reloading the Enterprise Theme (the fact that the author name doesn’t appear when I do this leads me to believe that it’s a general setting issue rather than a theme issue but I’m just guessing).

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    The blog I need help with is

    #788085 themes were recently updated (Nov 2011) to only display author information if there are multiple authors.



    There has been a change recently and this may answer your question. In many cases the byline is displayed only when at least two authors have published at least one post each. > Author and profile displayed or not



    Thanks folks – simple answers are definately the best!

    As aside what’s the best vehicle for keeping up-to-date with these kind of changes?

    Thanks again.


    The blog @timethief linked is a volunteer blog and a really good source of information:

    Large announcements such as new themes and major updates are often announced on the blog. For example, this post announced several theme enhancements from Nov 2011:

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