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    I have noticed that my author name suddenly has disappeared. It shows when I preview the post but when I publish it has gone. (3 or 4 days ago it did show)

    The blog is eaobjets.wordpress

    Thanks for the help



    I don’t think the author name will display on the front page for blogs using ChaoticSoul, but when I look at your individual posts I see an author name. For instance on this post I see by Espaces Arts & Objets on December 29, 2007 at the end of the post. Is that what you mean by author name? Do you see that or is there something else missing?



    Did you switch themes? I just tried Chaotic Soul on my test blog and no authors show up. So I think it might be theme dependent.



    I just went on my blog homepage without login. And in fact there is no author name on the different posts appearing (3) … but when i click on a invidual post (click on post-titel) then the name of the author appears.
    I checked it out with a page of a friend who uses the same theme. It’s the same thing.
    So I guess the auther name only appears on the individual posts. That’s fine.

    to katm . yes you right, I did change theme recently.

    Anyway. I thank you both for your support.

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