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  1. Is there a theme that supports an author profile page? For example: ? I want to be able to display the authors profile and picture.

  2. I believe the Regulus theme does allow a small space for text for this purpose but no image in the sidebar. And the Blix theme has a template for a "contact" page that you can include an image and some text on. I'm not aware of any other themes that fit what you describe but don't despair because you can accomplish this in two ways using any theme.
    (1) You can create an "About" page and include text and an image on it.
    (2) You can create a text widget for your sidebar that has the text and image in it.
    The link at the top of the forum to the FAQs blog will take you to a seach box where you can find instructions for doing either one. Happy blogging!

  3. That is some help, but I know there are alot of themes that pull the profile info and picture. Just wish one of the themes in the admin would have this. In other words... when an article is posted, the 'posted by' name is linked to their profile.

  4. Perhaps you could provide a link to an example of what you'd like to see here so what you mean will be better understood.

  5. TT, my blog has the author pages. Try clicking on my name for one of my posts to see it.

    Broom, maybe if you were to suggest such a theme via a feedback from your dashboard, staff might be willing to add them in. Right now you're just standing in the middle of the interstate complaining about speeders. :)

  6. If you go here:

    Under the title it says 'posted by' with the persons name. You can click on that to get details. I couldn't find any hosted theme that provides this same functionality.

    I'll try the suggestion

  7. I don't remember there being any. A few months ago we had this discussion in a thread about mutliple author themes. I don't think anything ever came of it.

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