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    I just saw this page – an author page — on my blog
    I never noticed before
    At any rate, why doesn’t it list all the posts all my blog – since i am the author of all the posts on my blog
    Would somebody take a look at it?


    The blog I need help with is danielberhane.wordpress.com.



    Hi. It might be a bug with the Structure theme, as there is no “Previous/Next” link. Normally, you should be able to click on a link to land on Page 2 of all posts by author “danielberhane”.

    Did you deliberately choose to display 30 posts per page or so?


    i don’t know where i can do that…even if i wanted it to show only 30 posts
    In fact, that is what annoyed me



    If you want to change it: Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most __ posts.

    In regards to the author page only displaying the first __ posts, I tagged this thread so that staff takes a look and confirms if it’s a bug or if the theme is designed to do that.


    Hey long live airodyssey.
    I followed your instruction and …now it is solved.
    I am not sure what else you wanted the staff to do about it.
    As far as i am concerned it is fixed and i owe it to you.



    That’s not what I had in mind (your front page loads slowly for me because you have like 200 posts)… But hey if that makes you happy… :-)


    Stupid me.
    You are right.
    I already got this:
    WordPress.com tip: Your syndication feeds are set to show the most recent 200 posts. Change it to 10 or 15 posts to make your feed load faster.

    So, i changed it to 15.
    I hope the staff will take a look at it.


    I made
    Blog pages show at most 200 posts
    Syndication feeds show the most recent 15 items

    Is that bad?



    200 is a real bad number – that means that every visitor will need to wait for all 200 posts (when you get that many) to load before they can read your site — they won’t come back a second time!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 or 15 Posts per page is a good number. Your Posts are also long – use the “More Tag” to shorten them – visitors that have already read a specific Post won’t want to wait for what they have already read each time they visit.


    I did as you said – thanx.

    Btw,FYI, i got 188 posts

    thanx again



    It’s normal to have 5 – 6 posts on ones’ front page and a similar number or fewer in the RSS feed. What you have is far too high a number in both cases. Page loading time is a Google page ranking factor. You want your front page to load quickly or else visitors click out instead of waiting.




    I have the same problem the Author page. I want to get rid of it but dont know how. My front page displays 6 post max.

    Here is the link to my blog, theme is “twenty eleven.

    Thanks in advance



    @katochores: You can’t get rid of the “author” page as far as I know.


    Author is part of the system just like the dynamic pages created for tags or categories, or the archives pages. On a single author site, it is not of much use, but for multiple author sites it presents an easy way for someone to see all the posts by a single author.



    So there is no need to worry about that i suppose. Thanks. One more question where can i post a thing that i would like to see improved? I would like to create a site map or a good archive page.



    You can post it in the ideas forum.

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