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    Hi all!

    I run a blog with the Morning After theme, which is supposed, as far as I know, to display author profile at the end of single posts, in case of a multi-authors site.

    I just welcomed a new writer on my blog and published his first article, but his profile doesn’t show, nor mine on my 67 articles.

    Any idea why ?
    Thanks by advance for your help!


    The blog I need help with is



    Finally, further research brought me the answer:
    It was necessary to fill the “about you” section of our respective profiles.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!




    Thansk for letting us know you resolved this. Happy blogging. :)



    Thanks Timethief.




    Hi, I also have the same problem, but I’m the only author, any ideas why my gravatar doesn’t show?

    I’m using the new sundance theme which is supposed to show them because it allows multiple authors.



    You are not using the same theme and have posted off-topic into this thread.
    1. gravatar issues
    Be sure that you have enabled gravatar display on your blog. You do that on this page > Settings > Discussion scroll down to
    Avatar Display
    __Don’t show Avatars
    __Show Avatars

    The gravatar site FAQs link is this one

    All blogs here can have multiple autheros but not all blogs display author bylines until there are two or more authors. Scroll down this page to “Work-around for single Author bloggers who do wish to have a byline display on their posts”

    Some themes that are coded to display an author byline also have an author profile and the data is derived from the Users > My Profile > About you section. See >

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