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  1. When I came to write a post a few minutes ago I noticed that the widget that allows you to select the author is not there, usually it resides below the Post Timestamp widget, but it has disappeared completely; any ideas why, or how I can get it back? HELP! Please!

  2. The order didn't get changed by and chance on yours, did it? They are movable if you click and hold the titlebar with your mouse.

    I see it on my Write Posts page.

    Hope this helps,

  3. That was the first thing I thought of; it has disappeared completely; it is not there at all the only things showing are Categories, Discussion, Post Timestamp, Password-Protect Post, Post Status and Post Slug...

  4. I would send in a Feedback from your Dashboard. Not sure how this one came about.

  5. Thanks drmike, have done that - I am pretty techno savvy but this one beats me....

  6. We've been trying to figure how how to lengthen those columns for quite some time over with my hosting company. Anyone with a large number of categories which are nested has a lot of problems with those tiny little drop down windows.

  7. Got a quation about authors to.
    Is it possible to enable the widget authors in the write a post, because I've a blog and don't want that my friend use my name. I know he don't do that, but i've we decided to add more bloggers. Then they can use our name to write a blog or can't they. We are both the admins. Got it to do whit this?
    It isn't so far that we get more blogger in it, but anyway this thread make this up.
    Thanks a lot

  8. I would think probably not as it's currently setup. I think Admins are suppose to be able to post as anyone. I'll send in a Feedback and point this out though to see if we can get a clarification on the subject though.

  9. So long I've I work only whit Patrick then there's no problem.
    So there is no problem yet This is BTW the link to my blog what I'm talking about. don't know I've you can read it, because it's dutch.

  10. Admins can do just about anything. If you want someone to be able to publish as themselves only, try a less privileged role such as Author.

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