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Authorize/Publicize Option

  1. twilightreality

    I've had this option for some time now, and today it has been giving me problems all day, especially with Publicize to Facebook. I've connected/reconnected numerous times, and made new posts, and everytime it would ask me to authorize Facebook - so 7 of my latest posts have not loaded to facebook, and I'm still 'Authorizing' it.
    Another blog of mine gave me problems with Yahoo - and asked to contact the website (wordpress).
    I hope that it's just a glitch, and could be fixed soon. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you reprted this to Staff?

  3. Just to be sure, did you follow these steps carefully?

  4. twilightreality

    There's no way to report it - until March 1 - that's what the message says.

  5. twilightreality

    And @Macmanx - thanx I'll try that!

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