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  1. I recently purchased the WordPress template called Scrollider-Express and can't figure out how to create new authors without having them actually register. I also can't figure out how to match an author with a new post. I have several different authors who write for my blog but I want to manage putting the posts up myself. Is this not possible with this template?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First off, we have a page on user roles that should fill in some of the blanks for you:

    Essentially, what you want to do is set your authors up as "contributors" so that they can create new posts, but cannot publish them. You would then decide when they would be published.

    can't figure out how to create new authors without having them actually register

    Your authors will have to be registered with in order to be able to post on your blog.

  3. Thanks but I don't want my authors posting on the blog. I want to post everything myself but have it appear that they posted the blogs. Does that make sense? We only want our marketing department to have access to WordPress but still want our employees headshot and name to appear next to the posts.

  4. That is exactly what the "contributor" role is set up to do.

    You set your authors up as "contributors" and have them write their content and save it as a draft (since they cannot publish). Then you can review and click "publish" when you choose to.

    The content will have them listed as an author, but you will have complete control over when it is published.

  5. So I couldn't go onto the WordPress site as myself and post a blog for another author?

    My issue is that a lot of my employees are very technologically challenged and even getting them to sign up for WordPress will be a challenge let alone posting a blog!

  6. So I couldn't go onto the WordPress site as myself and post a blog for another author?

    The short answer is, not really.

    It is possible to post something and then, as an admin, change the author. But that's kind of a hacky workaround that isn't going to be very workable I'm afraid.

  7. Are all WordPress templates set up like this or does it differ with each template?

  8. User roles are independent of themes. It is just part of the way the system is set up.

  9. If I switch my site to and host it with will I then be able to post for other bloggers?

    Also, will it then allow for me to link to a "real" blogger description page and not a Gravatar page? I like the idea of the Gravatar page just not for our business. :-)

  10. HI lrensi,

    In theory you can do just about anything with a blog, including changing the core code for WordPress itself.

    To accomplish your goals, there may be some existing plugins out there that will do what you want to do, but I would recommend you do some research first. You can find all the existing plugins that are available through the plugin repository at . There may be other premium plugins as well.

    As for linking to a "real" blogger page, you can always create individual pages for your authors in WordPress if you wish.

    Finally, I understand you are concerned that setting up accounts with may be too challenging for your coworkers, but if you create a site on a self-hosted WordPress install they will still need to have user accounts on that blog, and you will have to manage their accounts, passwords, etc. and do all of their support. If you stay with, you can leave that heavy lifting to us. :)

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