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    Hi,it’s me again, the new person!

    Thanks for the previous advice on order of posts, helped greatly.

    Two more queries. I have had comments on my blog but under the contributors there is no gravatar or image showing up displaying that contributor,it only shows my gravatar. How do I change it so it displays who has commented?

    Also one of the others in my class is unable to comment on my blog. I am the only one in our class using WordPress,the others all use Blogger. Do they need to register?


    The blog I need help with is



    Commenters are not contributors. It’s not your responsibility to give your commenters avatars. If they signed up with Gravatar, their gravatar would show up. You can change the kind of icons that do show under Settings->Discussion and choose from the crazy quilt pattern type you have, the monster kind I have on my blog, or some others.

    It doesn’t sound like you have comment moderation on, so he should be able to comment here. Check your Discussion settings and make sure you just ask a username and email.


    Each person has to upload their own gravatar at users > my profile in their dashboard, then their gravatar will show up with comments that they make on blogs.

    The would only need to be logged in here if you have set it so that only logged in users can comment under settings > discussion.


    No, your classmates do not have to register. They only need to provide name and email in the form for commenting that is below each post.

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