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    This is irritating. Today I published a blogpost on ‘A Ring of stars‘ and some idiot, after three hours copies it as whole and then publishes it again as his own (see here)

    Should I have some copyright sentence somewhere.. otherwise is it possible that anyone can copy anything from my blog and use it as his own??

    Furious!! :-/

    Help please


    The blog I need help with is



    No this is clear copyright infringement. I would report them as a spam blog (in the bar at the top) giving details of your original post.


    Thank you so much!!!



    Unfortunately, it may not be that simple . The blogger may consider he has re-blogged your post which WordPress is pushing at the moment .

    I was told if you publicly publish something, then you can expect it to be stolen . However there should be a link back to your blog which I could not see, if using WordPress reblogger, but if they had put a link back then it would be OK !!!


    I checked that… you are right that a person can use ‘wordpress reblogging’… and u are also right that while reblogging there should be a link to the original blogpost… but that was not there in his blog.. and well, yes, it will be Okay if they put the link!


    a) You don’t need a copyright notice. Once you publish something, copyright law applies. Your original content cannot be republished unless you give express permission.
    b) Re-posting complete posts without permission is content theft: a link to the original doesn’t make them less so.
    c) A re-blog is supposed to include a link to the original and only the beginning of a post (falls under fair use).



    Please see here > Content Theft – What to Do
    If the content thief is being free hosted By > Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice

    At this time, the limit is 128 words or 512 characters. That is subject to change, but I strongly doubt that it would increase.


    Thank you both of you for providing me with the facts and the links!! I have mailed him asking to remove the post and not to do this copy-paste thing ever again – if he abides by, well and good!! Otherwise the second link will be of help! Thank you both once again :)



    You’re welcome from me. :)



    I hate this reblogging feature!! My blog often consists of photos and related text/poetry, and to make the blog private defeats the point of having it. A 19-year-old WP blogger whose home page consists entirely of reblogged material has reblogged my copyright material. When I politely pointed him to the copyright notice and asked him to take the post down he refused, and said WordPress is intended to be a reblogging site and he’s therefore allowed to use any of my material he wants, and because he has included my name and a link back to my page, he isn’t infringing on copyright. But copyright means not to copy!

    I realize I can’t control all theft by copy and paste, but why does WordPress contribute to the problem by making unauthorized use of material so darned easy. Reblogging by this kind of usage is not resulting in more traffic to my site, nor would I expect it to appeal to this particular blogger’s followers anyway.

    You’ve told me the reblogging option can’t be disabled. But why can’t the reblogging option be handled like a subscription by e-mail, or Links to Facebook and/or Twitter buttons — i.e., as an option to be inserted like a widget in the sidebar only if the blog owner chooses?


    I have written many posts in an admin status for a wp blog. The owner of the blog was misleading in her goals and things were going nowhere so I left my admin position and asked the owner to remove me as an author. She complied, however, my posts remain as part of her blog. I have asked twice to remove my posts and still they are there….These are my writings and I was told they should be considered my property and I should be able to use them on my own personal blog.
    If everything I have been told is correct…how do I get them removed from her blog?
    Thanks, in advance, for any help and/or suggestions.



    Slavetomyneedles, I’m assuming removal of you as an author means you have no password access now, because if you did you could simply go in and delete them yourself. However, it seems more likely that you’ll have to resign yourself to them being archived there. If you had an agreement that those articles couldn’t be re-used elsewhere, you might consider creating a new page or post on your blog and have it contain brief excerpts (that would be considered “fair use”) and links to each of your posts at the other site. If you had no such agreement, I would think there is no reason why you can’t repost them on your own site.



    I am using something called
    That gives everything I publish a digital fingerprint. My blog is also marked with their logo, to inform my readers that my site is protected.


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