authors have deleted blog but name not available

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    I’m trying to create a new blog for a specific event based on similar blogs we have created in previous years.

    When I entered the name I wanted it said it wasn’t available as already in use, but when I went to check out who had the blog / what it was about, the message comes up “the authors have deleted this blog”.

    So why cant I now use that name?

    Thanks for any clarification on this.




    You nor anyone else can have a deleted blog back ever.




    You can’t – gone is gone forever and WordPress.COM does not recycle names, You need to choose a bit different name or buy a custom domain and map it.



    okay – hadn’t really thought about it the terms that wordpress have outlined (as it is for a public event) but can see the point that it could be only too easy to run into difficulties.

    Funny though, that you can buy domain names that have been used before, or even as I know one not profit found out, had someone cyber squat their name to try and extract money!!

    Thanks for the info / link.



    The top level domain here is and all free hosted blogs are on sub-domains. If you wish you can purchase an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. Then it does not matter what the underlying sub-domain URL you are mapping from to your new domain is. Your visitors will see the domain URLs and on the Admin side of your blog you will see the underlying sub-domain URL that your are mapping from to your new domain. No matter which sub-domain URLs are clicked there will be a seamless transfer to the same content under the new domain URLs.

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