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Authors not importing from blogger

  1. I imported a large blogger blog (via blogger XML file). All the posts and media came in, which is great. BUT none of the author names came in, and I was not given any chance to make authors to users like you do with the importer...

    Am I missing something?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. make author = map authors

  3. Hello there,
    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the free hosted blog that you are referring to?

  4. Sure, this is the blog

    I gave it an arbitrary name, because this is a temporary pit stop on the way to migrating to a self-hosted install. The self-hosted blogger importer was stalling and the one seemed to work better. So, the plan was to import all the content into and then export a WXR file to cleanly import into a self-install.

    The original blogspot site has 65 different authors, and this info seems to get lost on the import. Whereas the self-hosted importer gives you a chance to map authors to WP users.


  5. Thanks for [posting the link. I'm flagging this thread for Staff attention as we Volunteers cannot help with issues like this one.

  6. Thanks :)

    I use WordPress every day, but hardly ever the free .com version. Does the blogger import typically allow you to assign authors to users? Or is it typical that it lumps all posts on the main user?

  7. I can't answer your question sorry. I abandoned my Blogger blogs years ago right after I found WordPress.

  8. I am not sure, but I think it entirely possible that they authors would have to have WordPress ID's before they could be listed as authors on a blog.

  9. raincoaster - yeah that occured to me as well... that is likely, and would throw a wrench in this plan... unless I just go back later and manually reassign the authors once I move the content to a self-hosted WP.

    I'm just doing this because the self-hosted blogger importer tends to choke on large # of posts...

  10. Howdy @jamierice, would you mind sending an email to [email redacted] mentioning this forum thread and attaching the XML file you can download through Blogger's admin screens? That will help me dig into details here and see what happened with your site. Thanks!

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