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Authors of Posts

  1. How do I make the name of the poster appear so reader can tell which one of us actually wrote the post? I have a friend that is now blogging on my site and I'd like her name to appear on her posts.

  2. These are the options available for you to choose from.

    (1) You can choose a theme that provides for and displays individual authors. There are theme reviews that can assist you in determining if a theme provides this "authors" feature. Look in the section titled "Display post author".

    (2) If the theme you prefer to use does not this feature then you can create a category called "Authors" as a "parent" category and then create "children" (Tom, Dick, Harry) sub-categories for each author's name under the parent category Authors.

    (3) Or if neither of the above options are suitable then you can have each author include a byline in the posts they create.

    Happy blogging! :)

  3. How do I do option #2?

  4. Step 1

    create a category called "Authors"
    -> Manage -> Categories -> Add New

    Category name: Authors
    Category parent: none
    Description: (optional)
    Click "Add Category" to save

    Step 2

    create a sub-category called "John Doe" as a "child" category to the "parent" category called Authors
    -> Manage -> Categories -> Add New

    Category name: John Doe
    Category parent: Authors
    Description: (optional)
    Click "Add Category" to save

    Step 3 - repeat Step 2 for as many other Authors as you require

    Notes: Whenever an Author writes a post they simply assign both the Authors Category and the sub-category (their own name) to the post. Unless or until there is one published post in any Category it will not be displayed in your sidebar.
    This may also be helpful understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories

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