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Authors widget with dropdown option...

  1. Hello all. I was wondering how I could use the authors' widget with a dropdown option, as the categories' have the "displayed dropdown" option...

    As the option is not available:

    - can we have its implemenentation for the benefit of all users? :-)
    - is there a workaround for this, such as CSS coding?

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As you are making a suggestion to Staff this thread will be moved to the Ideas Forum.

  3. OK, do I need to do anything here? Is this already moved? Tks.

  4. Our Moderators or Staff will move the thread. You do nothing.

  5. Thanks again :-).

  6. Hi there, thanks for the idea. Since the authors widget most often uses avatars (except for the rare cases where folks choose not to display them, as you have) and drop-down menus generally don't display images, I'm not sure this is something we could implement.

    Have you seen something like this elsewhere that I could have a look at? Thanks!

  7. Hi @kathrynwp... regarding:

    - avatars: I chose NOT to display avatars because most of my authors didn't set a photo of theirselves yet @ gravatar :-). This is something I always tell them, but...

    - I don't remeber seeing this anywhere else. It was just an idea I had as alll my other widgets such as archives and categories I use the "display as dropdown" option.

    I understand that if the user chooses the avatar option, it would not work / make sense. But why can't this be implemented as an option? If the user chooses to display avatar, then this new dropdown option could be automatically disabled... and for cases such as mine, it would be an additional cool option...


  8. But why can't this be implemented as an option?

    Because dropdown menus don't normally display images - they are text lists. :-)

    If you do see this anywhere else, feel free to let us know so we can have a look.

  9. @kathrynwp, I undertand that, but avatars are option and this new option could be as well (for user that DON'T use avatars)...

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