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auto adjust image to window

  1. Heya,
    here again tonight with this time an HTML question.

    I wondered if there was a code so the image would adjust
    itself to the browsers window size automatically..
    I'd like to do that for the image in this page:

    little extra info:
    I'm using the Andreas09 theme and working in IE8 -sshht! don't comment that :)
    Maybe it's just my browser that doesn't do the adjustment...

    Thanks for the input!

    ps: i've set this topic to 'not resolved', hope it's the right choice :S

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there. This site will clearly show you how your blog displays in all the browser you choose from the checklist

  3. DANG! I typed that link wrong above. It should be

  4. haha! i thought so ^^ checking right now!

  5. Well, it isn't IE8 :D
    But the link will be kept! thx timethief!

    So since it isn't a browser issue,
    would there be a html-code?
    -and if not... well.. I guess the joke would work just same. lol

    I google searched too for this kind of code -if it exists-
    but couldn't find anything.

    thx for digging further!

  6. I'm sorry but I don't have any help to offer you. Hopefully another volunteer will be able to help.

  7. no prob, timethief :)
    -off topic: can't have all the answers! but thanks again -you helped
    me with my first blog (a pleasant view) back in... and i'm glad
    you replied again this time!

    back to topic:
    yes, if maybe someone else is aware of 'such a thing'...

  8. If there is an answer, it'll either be at or at

  9. Hi dear Sir,
    i hope you are satisfy my answer

    Thanks YOU Sir,

  10. Hi raincoaster,

    Checked both but no luck.

    well nevermind for now maybe I'll look again in the future.

    thx for helping!

  11. Try this:<img class="alignnone" title="blank" src="" alt="" width="99%" />

  12. Or linked:
    <a href=""><img title="intentional" src="" alt="alternate text" width="99%" /></a>

  13. 1tess!!!! You are a blessing!!!!!!

    I tried your code and it worked like a charm!
    but since it's not supposed to be a link, with a bit of logic
    I arranged the code to this:
    '<img style="border:none;" src="" title="gotcha!" width="99%/">'

    thx a thousand times!!!

  14. You are very welcome!

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