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Auto cross-posting to Blogger?

  1. Can I get my WordPress blog to auto cross-post to my blog at Blogger?
    Blog url:

  2. This might be a solution to all my problems...

    Has anyone used this and does it work well?

    Thank you.

  3. thistimethisspace

    Please read this > Google on duplicate content across domains >

  4. You can't use Plug-in's at WordPress.COM - security issue

  5. Yikes!

    Too complicated for me. :-( Perhaps I will rest content with what WordPress currently allows me to do in terms of auto cross-posting (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr).

    I would delete my Blogger site, but Google does not allow that. I haven't even been able to find a way to deactivate it.

    Thanks, Timethief.


  6. Okay, auxclass.

  7. thistimethisspace

    There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install plugins, upload third-party themes or edit templates or themes. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    There is no upgrade that you can purchase from that provides FTP access and the ability to upload third themes. To use any theme other than the over 200 found here Dashboard > Appearance > themes you will need to hire a web host and set up a self hosted install.

    I'm a researcher and writer who is sick to death of the two bit twits, pretending to be writers who flood the Google SERPs with duplicated quality and no-quality content. Google's Panda algorithm detects those who attempt to game search engine results by creating duplicated content across domains - ALLELUIA!

  8. thistimethisspace

    Don't get sucked into duplicating content - okay?

  9. I was wrong about Blogger; you can't delete your account, but you can delete you blog - which I just promptly did.

    Timethief - you changed you name! Either that or someone has hijacked your nice photo.

    I'm sticking with what WordPress offers and allows me to do safely. As my blogs are promotional (for my books), it is important for me to be on as many major blog sites as possible. But as there are numerous problems with doing so - unless I separately and manually post EVERYTHING - I will refrain from going elsewhere for now.

    Thanks again, and have a great day.


  10. No I have not change my name. thistimethisspace id the username account for my personal blog. I use the same image so everyone understands I am the same individual. :)

    There is power in posting unique manual snippets and posts on different sites. It's definitely worth the effort to do so. Autoposting is not effective. We are all coping with digital overwhelm and sick to death of being flooded with duplicate content on social networking sites.

  11. That may be true.... however, I have many friends and some of them may be on WordPress. Others may be on Tumblr. Others may be on this or that. Most are simply blogging and are content with their one site. But if you are promoting something - again, in my case, my books, it is not efficient to post on to one blog site. And since I try very hard to spend most of my time writing the books, I don't want to be spending any more time than necessary doing separate, and especially unique posts to a bunch of different blog sites. So for people like me, auto-cross-posting DOES make sense. It is effective - IF you can manage to set it up from one main blog page. :-) Have a great evening, Daniel

  12. Oh, and I don't suffer from digitial overwhelm. ;-) Spend most of the day on my desktop using Word Processor. When I "unplug" from my desk, I am truly unplugged. I refuse to carry a smart phone or an IPad or anything else portable. Prefer to exist in the real world when away from my desk. So I don't feel overwhelmed at all! D.

  13. You misunderstood me. I did not mean that you ought to post to only one site. I meant that you ought to post manually to all the sites but when you do don't autopost the same identical content. What you post manually on each site ought to be different than what you posted on the last site. Autoposting the same blah, blah, blah is quick and easy to do and impersonal. When a follower gets the same blah, blah, blah on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. day in and day out they eventually become "deaf" and no longer click in to your content from any of those sites.

  14. No time to do that. If people wish to ignore book publishing announcements, sample chapters and the like, they are free to do so. To be honest, as several articles (the usually statistical studies) have recently shown, media sites are proving ineffective in terms of actually generating sales for books or other products. People might click 'Like' on Facebook, but they won't buy the book. The demographic for people buying books is also changing, reflecting partly the publishing revolution (due to the recession and the advent of ebooks, among other factors) and partly the fact that young people are more and more eschewing books for other quicker, 'A.D.D.' forms of entertainment. Self-published works, mostly bad, are flooding the market, with no way real way to get noticed among the crowd. The big publishers who can still put books in brick and mortar establishments and who are taking over the ebook market with their own best-selling authors have the only truly effective publicity machines. So our disagreement on all of this, at least from my perspective as a writer, may be moot. D.

  15. The difference between hand-posted and autoposted material is the difference between a personalized letter and spam.

    You can choose which method you use to market your book, but you can't increase the effectiveness of spam.

  16. I'm not a blogger. I write books. I understand there are those who can spend all day on their blogs. Especially if that is the only writing they do - and some are VERY good, and some are making fantastic money at it. I'm trying to do something a little more lasting and - yes - old-fashioned, I suppose. This does not include winning points for good blog writing, or even interesting or entertaining blog writing. If I do that, I will have no time for what is important to me. And if people don't care about new books coming out, or books on certain specialized topics or belonging to certain genres, then there is no amount of blogging I can do that will change that.

    Ironically, I recently got rid of my larger personal Facebook account precisely because it was wasting so much of my time. And it really was a waste. All the "socializing" and absence of "spam", as you call it, did me no good whatsoever. It was merely an electronic black hole.

  17. I understand that you write books. In a previous life, I marketed books. The great advantage social media gives you is the chance to engage with your audience, and studies show that if audiences feel personally engaged with a book and/or author, they are 30% more likely to buy the book. Spam doesn't have that effect.

  18. If I could afford to hire a publicist, that would be great. But I don't have the time between writing and all my other commitments to be blogging endlessly to people - and there is no way I can manage to carry on "engaging" interaction with a target audience. This is just not feasible.

    So I will continue to auto cross-post, which is the best I can do at present.

  19. If Timethief or anyone else happens to be hanging out in this thread, I'd love to hear your opinion of this:

    As a result of how Facebook is operating, well, I've come to view them almost as a malicious site. And I don't use the word 'malicious' lightly here.

    In any event, it seems I must apologize and 'eat crow', to some degree. For if the above is correct - and it seems to be - then yet another argument for not cross-posting comes into play. Indeed, I've become so fed-up with Facebook that I deactivated my account and in all likelihood will delete it entirely.

    Right now, I'm cross-posting only to Tumblr. WordPress seems very friendly to Tumblr; I don't know if they're owned by the same outfit, or merely good partners. I may eventually close out my Tumblr account as well and rely solely on WordPress for my blog. ALTHOUGH I will try my best to spend more time "personalizing it", so that it doesn't appear to be "spam".

    Had to think about this for awhile! It is hard to change one's ways, especially when those ways seem right at the time and seem to have served one's purpose well. But truth be told, promoting ANYTHING on social media is extremely difficult nowadays. Aside from all the problems we've discussed before here, you have to wrestle with the inconceivable numbers of people, all trying to get noticed.

    In conclusion, I'm now feeling everyone here was right, and I was wrong. I will try to do differently in the future.


    P.S. I will also be trying to figure out how to make it easy, but also SAFE, for people to comment on whatever I post to my page. If anyone has advice for how all the various settings should be used, kindly let me know. Having gone through them a couple times already, I find many of them confusing and, to be honest, don't understand a lot of that. Thanks again.

  20. victorialoasby

    I just happened across this thread looking for a crossposting for wordpress.ORG(yes I know I'm in the wrong place)Altough I agree with timethief to a certain extent & have stopped using crossposting plugins on my wordpress.ORG site because I found the end results too impersonal & repetetive,cross posting is a strategy used by most of the big time,popular blogs/sites.So much of my time now is spent going back & forth to twitter,facebbok & +G & it's time that could be spent researching & writing.If someone comes up with a good croosposting solution that does so with the results I'm looking for I'm going to use it.(I might have to write one myself...)
    The answer is this,use them if you find them worth while but always add a human touch to your(for example,in your case tumblr)facebook & twitter feed too.Don't make it just look like you are just relying on crossposting methods because believe me,people can spot this,and yes it is effectively spam.You cross post to tumblr but do you ever interact with your followers over there?That's a must,otherwise having followers would be pointless.
    Use whatever makes sense to you but personalise!!It's my own little rule.
    O.K I'm back off to .org!
    Sorry to burst in with my two pennies worth but it's something I have spent a lot of time agonising over myself!

  21. You basically said what I said above.

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