Auto-email distribution list on new blog post?

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    I’d like to have my blog automatically send an email to a list of addresses whenever I post a new blog entry (but ideally not when a comment is added). Is this possible with

    If not, does anyone know if it’s possible with an installation of WordPress that I host myself?


    Eric Hart


    Searching the FAQ for “email” brought this: .

    The FAQ’s are full of all sorts of useful information on virtually everything you need to know about using wordpress.COM.



    Thanks Sacred, I’ll give that a try. I did search the fora and FAQs, but not for “email” (I thought that would give too many hits). Thanks again!


    You’re very welcome.



    There seem to be two services that are popular: feedburner and feedblitz. Any recommendation between these two for someone creating a family blog that will have no more than 500 subscribers (no desire to make money off a blog)?



    I recently tried Feed my Inbox (do google) for individual emails. They were sending my WP Avatar with each post and the avatar was quiet big in size. I then unsubscribed.

    I have in past tried ZapTXT, SendMERSS and RSSFwd. Among the three of them, the ZapTXT is very fast but it only sends couple of lines worth of post with big advertisement banner of their own. SendMERSS does the same except it sends your blog post with pictures as well. RSSFwd was not that great.

    Personally speaking, I have not been satisfied with any Blog-to-Email options available. Feedburner does its job well but you cannot send individual blog posts (it only sends a digest email once a day).

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