Auto Enclosures (Podcast) Not working?

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    I’m not sure why, but my last post to my blog at is not “automagically” encoding the enclosure as RSS. I don’t think I am doing anything differently than before, but voila, no enclosure is listed at for my last post?

    Any tips?

    Thanks from a grateful,
    Cosmo G Spacely



    I see an enclosure element in your RSS feed for almost every item.



    Thanks, maybe I just don’t quite understand the “how” of WordPress auto-enclosure. And maybe my aggregator is whack. It seems to be working, but takes a long time for the enclosure to show up in the rss feed.

    Could this be because wordpress must download the file, determine on it’s own the content type and size? If so, maybe I’m just impatient. In any case, it’s working now, even if does take longer than I expected for the podcast files to show up in the RSS feed as an enclosure.

    Jay Stewart (AKA Cosmo G Spacely of the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast)
    P.S., In case you don’t remember me, we met at Gnomedex, briefly. I’m the one in the Lockergnome RSS “Feed Me” shirt in this photo you took.


    I’m having the same trouble. Posted info via “Feedback” and am waiting for a reply. Link is not being enclosed as podcast feed. I changed .mp3 host site, deleted post and re-posted. Still no enclosure.



    While you wait, you might want to do a search for podcast and enclosure. I know it has come up in the past. I’m assuming that you already did one but I could have sworn that we figured out a workaround.




    I have two issues. First wordpress doesn’t seem to have a way for me to undo incorrect podcast enclosure links, or dead links. Second is I would like my feed to have all my episodes in the order that I posted them. I am registered in iTunes and they only have the latest episode listed…somehow when subscribed to the feed in a newsreader blog posts with enclosures on page 2 aren’t included in the feed as posts on the main blog page are. so hopefully there is some weird editing solution, like maybe just deleting and reposting…but I hope not.




    I really wish someone would write a definitive guide on how to do podcasts here. I searched the forums and it is about as clear as mud.



    A five simple steps to succesful podcasting download pdf file is here
    Also FWIW there’s a wordpress podcast for self hosted blogs



    Thanks tt, brilliant! I’m supposed to be learning this for my volunteer project (they want podcasts, I’m trying to talk them into a blog cuz I can DO that at least), but I’m sure there is a huge interest in it around WordPress.

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