Auto-generated blog post (to facebook) image not matching blavatar

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    When I initially set up my blog, I uploaded an image which was automatically resized to create 3 different images which you refer to as a ‘blavatar’. I’ve used this same image as the image in my sidebar to be shown via the image widget. It’s one of these which causes that image to be shown as the side image in the facebook post preview that occurs when I paste the blog’s URL into a facebook status message, in my news feed.

    The problem I have is that the facebook app which automatically posts my blog posts doesn’t use this image, but rather uses its own image, which has nothing to do with my blog. This is not acceptable.

    You need to rewrite your app so that it uses the blavatar for the blog posts’ side image on the post preview in the facebook news feed.

    The blog I need help with is



    We have no control over when Facebook flushes their image caches or what images they choose to display.
    See here for what Staff has to say please:

    Unfortunately, we have no control over the images that Facebook chooses. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include.

    Sometimes this will help but not always


    I don’t know what it all means, but this is the result of the image’s url in the debugger:

    Input URL, Access Token, or Open Graph Action ID
    Scrape Information
    Response Code: 206
    Fetched URL:
    Canonical URL:
    Errors That Must Be Fixed
    Can’t Download: Could not retrieve data from URL.
    Graph API:
    Scraped URL: See exactly what our scraper sees for your URL
    Type of Share

    When this URL is shared on facebook, it is treated as a certain type. By putting meta tags on this page, you can influence how it is shared.


    When I use the ‘Share’ (to Facebook) button at the bottom of the post, it uses the blog’s blavatar, like it ought to.

    So I should manually share all my posts instead of using the app it seems.

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