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    Long time reader, first time poster. I recently discovered Bill Gates’ new blog Upon first visiting the blog site, new visitors are introduced to the site with an introductory note–a lightbox appears; the user/visitor can close the feature at their discretion. (Subsequent visits to the site do not yield the same result, though once you clear your cache or reset the lightbox note does appear…I am assuming a cookie is dropped on the visitor’s drive with each visit.)

    A partner is looking to add a feature not unlike the one described above to their wordpress blog site. I have searched tens, if not hundreds of plug-in pages, to no avail.

    Can some one please point me in the right direction and/or tell me if there is currently a wp plug-in available to achieve the desire result?

    Thank you for your time and energy when responding, in advance.




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    I am wondering that about it would be really nice to have that, as I post pictures sometimes. Will this be available soon? I don’t see it on my dashboard so I am assuming it’s not. My blog thank you.



    @stagirainc and @stagirainc
    I doubt that we will see anything like this on blogs and this is why.
    (1) There is no FTP access to blogs.
    (2) There are no plugins tabs for us to install individual plugins on bloggs.
    (3) WordPress .com is a multiuser blogging environment where the use of certain codes is restricted (the software strips the code out).

    @stagirainc is where you oght to be posting to rather than to support.

    I think you will benefit from reading this



    OOPS! Please excuse the doubling up of @stagirainc above. It was unintentional. :(

    This was meant for you

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