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    Which means I can no longer edit or reply to comments without going back through the dashboard, a rigmarole by comparison to how it was. My theme is the old version of The Journalist , v1.3, and the change is within the last two weeks.

    Have emailed support but only got the auto reply in 4 days, which is unprecedented in my experience. Seeing they must be busy with Infinite Scroll I thought I’d ask here, that may even be the cause, IS?

    Any ideas or feedback anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    In case anyone is interested.

    I did the usual, deleting cookies, cache, etc. And eventually gave in and downloaded the latest version of FireFox 10 and

      the situation remains the same

    – logged out to view my post – in FireFox, etc.

    So I opened my blog in Google chrome and it’s back to how it was, functionality returned.

    Don’t know why, just trying to keep things simple.



    Firefox 10.0 is not a stable version of firefox. WordPress works best with google chrome by the way.



    Until two weeks ago WP worked best with the old 3.6. version of FF. Now version 10 is no better.

    Anyway, moving on …



    Well, the problem with FireFox was simple, as I’m sure some could easily guess. Third party cookies was not ticked and I didn’t realise.

    Solution : enable TPCookies.

    Thanks Erica V.



    And the remark on Chrome above isn’t correct. I’ve been a regular in these forums for several years: when a problem proves to be browser-related, it’s almost always Explorer, sometimes Chrome, almost never Firefox or Safari.

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