Auto-notification to changes in blogs?

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    I have been using, with much success, a service from a company called, which tracks changes to my blog and sends out an email notification, including brief description, to those who sign up to be notified.

    The sign-up process couldn’t be simpler: give them your email address and the address of the blog. That’s it. Works like a charm.

    At least it used to. It appears to have disappeared from the web. can no longer be found. I’ve written to the owner, with no response.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how my customers can be automatically notified, via email, when I add or change posts or pages to my web site? I’d prefer a service that you don’t have to create a full account for – I find that this is a barrier for my customers.

    Thanks in advance, and happy Blogging!

    Randy Garland


    Member does not require sign up and you could also use email service (I have a link on my blog for subscribing through feed burner).

    Hope this helps.



    There’s also

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