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    Hey there,

    I have a blog and would absolutely love to post some instagram photos directly to it, without sending them to my email and manually doing it. I was just wondering if you were working on something for this, a feature that posterous and tumblr has. Also, are there any other creative photo sets instead of just gallery that are coming out soon? Look forward to hearing back!

    Zak Suhar

    The blog I need help with is


    If instagram gives you the ability to get the actual URL of the image, then you can insert that image into posts using the “insert from URL” tab in the insert image window. The problem with this is you have to manually adjust the image size after inserting the image so that it fits within the post area because wordpress is not set up to automatically adjust image size, nor do they offer any preset image sizes like they do for images uploaded directly to your media library. Still this would be less work than emailing it to yourself and the uploading and inserting it into the post.

    The only thing is, image quality is going to suffer some since with images inserted from a URL, wordpress just tells the browser what size to make it and the browser handles that and browsers are really poor at resizing images.


    I know if you have a lot of images on an image sharing service, it can be a pain to upload them again at wordpress.COM, but having your images stored and served from an offsite server will, if you use a lot of images, have a pretty big impact on site loading times since the browser has to go out and retrieve those images from that other site. Also, if the image servers at the other site are heavily loaded or down, then all of your images disappear from your .COM site.



    OAuth is now available to 3rd party developers. Maybe it’s something you should bug instagram about. :)


    What about using post by email to send a photo right from your phone to your blog. I use it all the time and I love it.


    Following up to let you know that an Instagram widget has been added to See this help page for more details about how to set it up if you’re interested:

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