Auto post to Facebook & Twitter, from scheduled WP,posts has stopped working

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    same for me!: since feb 17, scheduled posts, not sending to FB and Twitter, tried everything


    I recently removed the Facebook connection from my WordPress because my scheduled posts from WordPress were being sent to Twitter, and those tweets were then being sent to Facebook.

    Since I removed the Facebook connection, no scheduled posts seem to be getting sent. I’ve noticed a few others have been having this problem recently as well, and I hope there is a solution soon.


    The blog I need help with is



    Same issue here. I use publicize for Twitter; scheduled posts are publishing on fine but are not being sent to Twitter.

    I am able to go in to the post edit page once a post has been published, re-check the publicize to Twitter box, click ‘update,’ and then the tweet gets sent.


    I published 2 posts this week and neither of them automatically publicized to Facebook. They did go to Twitter and to the WordPress reader. I checked my sharing settings and it’s still connected to Facebook. Please help!


    Hi everyone. We have rolled out a few changes recently to resolve this issue. If you have any more problems let us know.


    It’s the same for me on Linkedin, i see that i schedule the time to publish my post on Linkedin, when the post should be published I check on Linkedin and my post is not published.


    My post on Twitter seems to work (publicize publishes it at the time scheduled), not on Linkedin


    My blog is


    Hi @edoardofacchini

    Something to be aware of is that scheduled posts do not actually publish until the first visitor clicks into the site, even though the timestamp on the post will still be what you specified.

    That first visitor clicking in is what triggers publication of the scheduled post, as well as sharing to any of your Publicize connections

    So in an instance where you schedule a post for 9:00, if no one comes to your site until 10:00, then that is when the post will be displayed on your site, as well as be publicized on social media.

    If you are at all concerned about your posts and shares going out at exactly the time you specify, the you can either visit your own site at that time (which triggers the post to publish) or switch to manual posting and/or sharing on social media.

    See: Schedule a Post



    Thank yous to jerrysarcastic and timethief!!

    My scheduled Weekly Photo Challenge was posted onto my blog and Twitter this morning! YAY!

    Now I hope my stats will keep climbing as they were before the glitch.

    Karen of


    Great, glad it is working for you. Let me know if you need any further help!

    Happy Blogging :)



    Is the solution retroactive? I haven’t posted anything on Tumblr since the problem, but there was one post I think during a certain time period and it’s not showing up- should I repost it?



    I just posted again from Tumblr and nothing is showing up on WordPress. Guess it’s not working at all for me still :/


    Hi WP staff & others

    Just to echo what other users have said. My scheduled posts have successfully started appearing on Twitter & Facebook again. Looks like the issue has successfully been resolved.

    Thanks for your time & attention to this problem.




    Perhaps this is a different problem, but I’m still not getting Tumblr to work- please help!



    I had success when posting from but still no FB publish when posting from yesterday. Help still needed, please…



    Here’s something else to add to the issue: i disconnected and reconnected to FB, tried again, still nothing. When looking at the publish area it appears FB is authorized, but when I click edit, the checkmark is gone from FB box. I have rechecked it several times and each time it disappears again. So in my settings it authorizes FB and says I am connected but the default in the publish feature keeps changing it back to unselected. Clear as mud?



    I did get it to publish to FB, but the setting still defaults back to unselected.



    I am having the same “unchecked box” issue with Google+ as Joantwarren is describing above. It won’t publish to Google+ and each time I check the box and re-publish, it just unchecks that particular box again and still won’t publish to my Google+ page.
    Works as normal for FB/Twitter/Tumblr though. I just can’t seem to get Google+ working.



    Ignore my previous statement, its working with scheduled posts now which is what I am needing. Many thanks for all the help. :)

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