Auto post to Facebook & Twitter, from scheduled WP,posts has stopped working

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    Last night’s post published to FB!
    (Insert Rocky theme song here)



    It was working for me for a while, but now it’s again not, and this time re-checking the publicize to twitter option and hitting update does not get it to send the tweet.


    @ vyhoffman

    In checking your user account, I see that you have several blogs listed under it.

    Can you tell me the URL of the site you are having trouble with? I am happy to take a closer look.


    Member – I don’t know if the others would be having the same issue, as I don’t have any scheduled posts on them. Thanks for checking.


    Howdy @vyhoffman

    A few things here:

    1) I’m a photographer at heart, so it was cool to see all those Ansel Adams quotes. Followed! :)

    2) Something to be aware of is that scheduled posts do not actually publish until the first visitor clicks into the site, even though the timestamp on the post will still be what you specified.

    That first visitor clicking in is what triggers publication of the scheduled post, as well as sharing to any of your Publicize connections.

    So in an instance where you schedule a post for 9:00, if no one comes to your site until 10:00, then that is when the post will be displayed on your site, as well as be publicized on social media.

    If you are at all concerned about your posts and shares going out at exactly the time you specify, the you can either visit your own site at that time (which triggers the post to publish) or switch to manual posting and/or sharing on social media.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.




    1. thanks :)

    2. I’m well aware of this. When I notice that a day’s post has not been tweeted, I go to the site to make sure it got/gets published. Then I check back on Twitter to see whether the tweet has been sent (if not, I either wait awhile and check back or try going to edit & re-checking publicize to Twitter & hitting update, which before had worked to get the tweet sent immediately on updating but today when I tried it did not).

    It’s now several hours after today’s post went live and the tweet was never sent; neither was the one for my post on the 26th.



    In looking at your Twitter feed, I can see that your March 1 post was missed, but since then your post are being shared as expected. Hopefully that was a transient issue, but if it comes back again, a good first step is to disconnect and reconnect to the service you see is not publicizing as it should.

    Let me know if you have any more issues.


    Hi all,
    timethief asked me to publish this here as well as my own ticket:

    Publicize stops working periodically for scheduled posts. This is only for scheduled posts, it works correctly at all times for manual ones.

    I’ve noticed that it usually stops working after I’ve previewed a post in the editor and gotten a blank pop up window. I see the word “verify” embedded in the popup’s URL but the contents are completely blank. This blank popup in the preview thing only seems to happen when I’m working on a post in Windows 7 with Chrome. I haven’t seen it happen yet on Mac OS X (also running Chrome).

    Once Publicize stops working, it wont come back for scheduled posts until I delete and re-add the connections in Settings. So, I can fix it, but it is happening often enough now that it’s becoming an annoying inconvenience. Each time I only discover that it stopped working when a post didn’t get publicized to my social networks, sometimes hours after I had wanted the post to go out. (And yes, people have usually come to the site in the meantime.)

    This only started happening since the start of the new year.

    The most recent post it happened on was:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    What selfawarepatterns said is true- for me any help on the Tumblr front would be appreciated!



    Same issue for me. Scheduled posts not publicizing for Facebook, Twitter . I’ve attempted to troubleshoot from the above, it was working a few weeks ago and then again stopped. I thought it was me and then found this tread. I understand the “First Vistor”, triggering the post etc. But, it still does not publish to Facebook or Twitter.

    The most recent post was today. the blog is

    This is a group blog, by the way. Will that matter? But, then we do schedule a lot of posts which seems to be part of the problem. So, is there a work around?



    Hello? Any idea on when this will be fixed. Even the work around doesn’t work.



    I’m very sorry that some of you are still having this issue. I just published a scheduled post this morning that successfully went out to Facebook and Twitter, so the system is technically working. If it isn’t in your case, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the scheduled post itself not going out on schedule.

    The next time this happens for you, please reply here with a link to a specific post that has Publicize turned on that did not get pushed out to social media, and let me know if it was a scheduled post or if you published it immediately. Also let me know your Twitter username and FB page, if it’s public, so I can quickly confirm that the post didn’t show up there.


    It just happened to me for this entry.

    Note that I’m about to try manually pushing them out, but the blog post was originally timestamped at 12:01 CST and any corresponding social network entries will timed after this entry.



    It looks like your post should have gone out on Facebook and Twitter, as our system recorded those actions. We have had issues with Google+ lately and our developers are looking into that.

    If you could let me know if this happens again, and hold off on publishing it yourself, so I can confirm that our records show something different from what’s online, that would be helpful to pass along to our developers.



    No complaints here, but wanted to mention I agree with the Google+ issue, its been like a woman with severe PMS this week with it randomly choosing which posts it was happy to publish and which it felt angry at and would ignore.
    Fortunately it has worked okay for the past 36 hours now so maybe you guys fixed it. :)

    No issues with FB/Twitter/Tumblr, all running fantastic for several weeks now! (I was one of the first to complain Publicize was having issues weeks ago) :)

    Keep up the awesome work! :D


    I’m still having an issue. For the past two weeks I write a post, check in “Publicize” that all social media options are clicked (FB, Linked in & Google +), schedule it, and it posts everywhere but on FB. I then go back to the “Publicize” section and FB has been unchecked! Even though I clearly have it as a default to always be checked. I recently changed my FB password so I wasn’t sure if that was the problem. So I disconnected my FB profile from WordPress and reconnected it. Still having the same issue.



    @goddessspiralhc it looks like is not able to authenticate your connection with Facebook due to the password being changed. I’ve removed that connection again; please try reconnecting it and let’s see if it works this time.


    @jackiedana that must have been it because my scheduled posts are making their way to FB again. Thank you for your help! :)



    You’re welcome. I’m glad it’s working for you now!

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