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    I’ve moved blogs and I’m looking for a way to auto-redirect to my new site. I know html and java code to do this, but it wont work if it’s just in the post. Does anybody know how I could get my blog to redirect them to my new one?



    <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=”>

    Paste it in the head!



    Unfortunely we do not have access to the meta tags here at Best bet is just have your final post point to the new blog with a link that they can click on.




    the questioner unfortunately didn’t mention which site he wants to be auto redirected. I guess he wants this: when someone visits his old weblog which is not a’s weblog, then the visitor will be redirected to his new weblog which is at his’s account. If this is the case, then what chronotron wrote is a good tag



    Nope, it looks like he’s left and is trying to forward people to his new blogsome site.

    (Odd decision, seeing as how that host runs like treacle, but each to their own.)



    oh yes, stupid me who just viewed the site one second ago, hahaha.



    Hey thanks for the code, I put it into my old blogger blog, so people don’t have to click any links, it just goes straight to the one.


    I’m having this problem too, now…

    I want to delete my weblog here because I copied it to my own webserver (running WordPress, of course), and I don’t want new comments on my old posts, and it will be hard to mantain.

    Should I erase all posts and leave one post with a note “I’m currenty at“? I have like 10-20 visitors a day, and I’m on google with some keywords. Also, in every comment I’ve made on other site, I put my address. Isn’t there a better way to redirect people to the content?

    Can I (at least) close comments on all posts and automatically insert in each of them a link to the the new address of the same post, or at least the weblog’s main page address?




    I’d leave your posts here but remove all of your sidebar except for a single text widget saying that you’ve moved and give the new URL as a link.


    I’m doing that. Thanks for the suggestion.
    How can I block comments on all of my posts at once? I won’t do it manually…



    You have got to do it manually. The system uses the setting at Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion but sees the individual post settings as overeriding that selection.



    Try editing the CSS in the Dashboard and adding <html> tags around what chronotron posted.


    [deleted – drmike]

    That way, it will recognize the code as an HTML code instead of CSS even though you’re posting the code in a CSS file. That may not work, but it’s worth a try.


    Thanks, I just edited my most popular posts with a link to the new address, and I’ll leave my running for at least one-two months, and then I’ll proceed to delete all posts and pages and just leave one with a note and a link to my new address.



    tcatullo, please don’t encourage folks around here to hack the system. That will just get them ToS’ed. And, no, you can’t put html code into CSS.

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