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Auto renewal of my store purchases didn't go as expected

  1. Last year I purchased two items from the store:

    • Domain name mapping (on March 4, 2012)
    • No Ads (on August 5, 2012)

    Since my domain name mapping was about to come due for renewal, I decided it would be convenient to set up auto-renewal for the domain name. Here's what I thought would happen: on March 4th WordPress would use the credit card info that I just entered to renew my domain name mapping for another year, and I would be paid up through March 4, 2014. But here's what really happened: I was told that my domain name mapping would be renewed automatically in 11 months on February 4, 2014.

    Why 11 months? Didn't I just pay for a year? Why did it cut a month off?

    And my next question is about my purchase of the "No Ads" feature. Apparently by turning on auto-renewal for the domain-name mapping, I also turned on auto-renewal for "No Ads" as well. When I first bought "No Ads" I had used a different credit card. Now I have no idea if auto-renewal for the "No Ads" feature is going to use the same credit card that I used to originally purchase "No Ads", or whether it is going to use the other credit card that I just used for the domain mapping feature. Please clarify.

    Deb Platt of

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You get all 12 months - auto renewals happen about 30 days before the upgrade expires so if something goes wrong there is time to correct things and not have a break in service or a penalty

    You should be able to update the credit card info for the no ads upgrade at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades

  3. Thanks for you prompt response. I now understand why the auto-renewal for my domain name will happen in 11 months. But I'm still a bit confused about the following:

    1. Can I set up auto renewal for one feature without enabling for all features? I had been surprised that auto-renewal had also been enabled for "No Ads".
    2. I don't necessarily need to update my credit card info for the "No Ads" feature. I'm asking whether my two purchases are linked. If I update my credit card info for one, does that update the credit card info for everything that I've purchased, or does WordPress maintain distinct account information for each item that I have purchased?


  4. I have some upgrades on auto renew and others on manual renew - you should be able to separate them - I think the credit card info is separate for each upgrade - I think I had to update all my different upgrades credit card info when I changed cards last year

  5. Okay. Thank you!

  6. You be welcome

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