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Auto Resize of image no more?

  1. Hi there!

    Sorry to trouble WordPress, but I just uploaded an image and the image is no longer auto-resize to fit into the posting. And I tried to do manual resize as in the past, but... where is the tool?

    I'd like to know what should I do now as the image is looking really huge!



  2. Hi scope-Tellyworth replied about this problem here

    I sent a Support ticket yesterday and received a reply from Anthony that any update would be posted in that thread. It would sure be helpful if forum staff would make it a sticky.

  3. Please don't tell me that there is a new edit tool...
    I don't know how to work with that, and I still prefer the old tool with a tree in a box icon.
    The new tool I just discover is like shrinking a 60% of the image...
    But when I used the old tool, I usually do a 1000 megapixels width and adjust that to 50%.
    Actually, I prefer the auto-resize. Why no more auto oredi?


  4. Hi JustJennifer!

    Thanks a lot for the update!
    You mean they are still doing the codings? OMG~
    When will Telly and team be done with them?

    Don't bash me, WordPress, but I am missing the WordPress when I started out with WordPress already.

    How about restoring all of us to the older version while the new version is still under creation?

    And I hope the auot-resize will kick back in soon.

    Thanks again, Jennifer. Come to Singapore, I buy you tea. :)


  5. OMG, the problem still there!

  6. yes, I even tried deleting the test Gallery I posted and reinserting it in my Post, saving, logging out, clearing cache, yada yada, even viewing in IE6-still no change. Must be a biggie this one. Thanks for the offer of tea, scope, but I think I might need something a tad stronger at this point. :^(

  7. Why don't I offer caffeine direct instead? LOL~
    If you want wines, I'd get you some then.
    OK, the problem is, I still see that image problem hanging in the blog, and it's already for days! Whew~
    How long will it last? Or what can I do?

    In my case, most of my images are set to 1000 x X mpixels, and let WordPress auto resize or I used to resize myself.

    OMG~ Hope Telly, Mark or whoever would be quick on this one.

  8. I got to the advance section, and figure out how to resize.
    Well... It was rather confusing, but maybe we'd get used to it.

    At the advance section, next to the 'Original Size' clicking, just type the size in the two boxes.

  9. Scope-if you look at that forum post I linked above, the image resizing issue has for the most part been resolved. If you are still having problems with it, please come post in that thread.

  10. Thanks, Jennifer. I am not really a regular here, and maybe I missed that.

    I only wish that WordPress stop changing so often, and when I call for help, at least someone will tell me what to do.

    Too many changes, mostly last minute notifications or none at all, and at times no guide. And I have to figure out myself or be expected to check through the list of past threads which may or may not be relevant to my case...


    Have a nice day, Jen.

  11. Welcome Scope, you too.

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