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    Hi all,

    I’m creating this post because I’d like to know if it’s possible to get pictures to auto resize when uploading them from the web.
    I know that when you upload a picture from your machine that you can easily select which size it should be, though this is not possible when you upload a picture from the web. Is there any way to do this? Below is a link which leads to a post of mine, the second picture is intentionally left bigger so you can see what the problem is.

    Why I want to do this:
    I’m having a rather narrow blog theme and most of the pictures are too big when I just leave the size as it is. I plan on posting quite alot pictures so I’d appreciate it if I wouldn’t have to resize them manually all the time.

    Thanks for your answer in advance.


    The blog I need help with is


    There isn’t an auto resize for images inserted from other places such as flickr, but after you insert the image into the post, click on the image, then click on the “edit image” link that will appear at the upper left corner of the image, and you can choose a percentage of the original size in the “edit image” window that appears.

    The other option is to upload it to your wordpress media library and then you have the option of choosing thumbnail, medium, large or full-sized. Those options are not directly available when images are not uploaded to your wordpress media library.


    The one thing to remember is that wordpress will be resizing the images from flickr, which is not the same as what it does with the images you upload to your wordpress media library. When they are uploaded to your library, wordpress creates the other sizes for the images by resampling and resizing, which results in a cleaner image than resizing alone.



    Mhm. Maybe it’s a nice idea then for further improvements, let users choose if they want to import it to their library or just use the image from where it is right now. Or just make it available to choose tumbnail/small/…

    By the way, thank you for helping me and everyone out! I’ve had some more problems but I could find them on the forums. 99% of those are answered by you. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

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