auto save seems down and ‘save and continue editing malfunctions

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    I had this problem last week it seemed resolved. It is back again. Only the first few graphs entered and saved remain. The following grafs added and not auto saved nor did “save and continue editing” work. The new material was lost.

    This now is a continuing problem and is added to the issues of comments sweeping to “spam” and not being retrievable. An ongoing problem.

    I am hoping for some resolutions here…

    Thanks for your help.



    I would send in a feedback with specifics to staff.



    I’d experienced issues with the “save and continue editing” today, and I think I have a post in limbo because of it. I’ve sent in a support request, so we’ll see what happens. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone.



    If anyone sends in a similar req – I will check the above out in a minute – please send lots of details.
    You cannot tell me too much – the steps I should take to make it happen would be excellent too.


    Different versions of my “Wednesday March 14, In the News…” post are appearing, one on the main page, and one when you click to the particular post. It’s a crapshoot what version I get when I click edit post. Been happening for two hours.



    I am having the same problem. I click to Save and Continue Editing and my post does not save!



    Ditto. Save and continue editing not working. Recent Comments appears to be working but it picks up really slow. Not a big problem for me but I believe this slight problem can be resolved quickly.



    Feedback with details….

    Read the thread that you post in…..



    I would send in a feedback with specifics to staff.


    I have “feedback” problems as well. The form DOES NOT FUNCTION. If the “send feedback” button appears, it does not function. Other times I open the form and the send feedback button is not even there. I have seen others commetn that they are unsure the form works.

    So I cam here for some hope.

    I’d appreciate some feed BACK on current status.

    I also saw a recommendation in some thread to do a hard refresh to clear server issues. This was a fast member fix for a fairly serious problem at Flickr a few weeks ago. It worked.

    I have done it again and shut down and rebooted. So far my issues remain.

    I am hoping for some resolution.



    Marisacat, Staff are the ones that will be able to work with you on this issue as we are not privy to the backend issues here in the forums. If the “feedback” button is irregular in your admin, try the other 2 ways. You can click on the “support” button in the navigation bar of this forum while logged in or send and email to support at this domain and they will be more than happy to work with your issue!


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