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AutoFocus: Sidebar widgets not showing

  1. I have three widgets set up in the right Sidebar for this theme. However, they do not show up when I am within a post.

    I have also noticed when visiting other AutoFocus users that the same issue applies to them too. Has WordPress decided to remove the widgets facility for this theme?

    Despite having my post Categories show up on the home page, I would dearly love to have a Tag Cloud, and a Search box, and an RSS/Atom feeds link. I have set the theme to show the Follow button for non-WordPress users.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are no widgets displayed on the front page of this theme. The theme id designed to have widget-enabled sidebars are enabled on all other pages.

  3. Thanks, timethief, for your response. However, I am not referring to the home page.

    However, they do not show up when I am within a post. (which is a page, of course)

  4. Please be sure you have set up your widgets correctly here > Appearance > Widgets
    Note: I have tagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Hi there, while you have three widgets (Tag Cloud, Links and Meta) in the "Primary Sidebar" area, in Autofocus, the sidebar area only appears on pages - like this one - but not posts:

    5. Widget-enabled sidebars are enabled on all pages.
    6. Single post sidebars will in lieu of widgets show important post metadata.

  6. Thank you, kathryn! I'm getting tired, as it's been a while since my old menchu blog which had all those pages (yes, I've imported my posts from there).

    I have now turned the Welcome post into a Page and added that to the menu, all other links being Categories. It works fine and shows tags etc.

    I do have another question, however, re moving the links within a Menu. I have noticed that when I wanted to shift links into the order I wanted, they placed themselves as a sub-link under another link, even 'tho I have the tickbox checked to automatically add top-level pages. I don't understand why this is happening, as the Welcome one moved fine from its original spot on the bottom of the list.

  7. Since my last post, I've decided that I can live with the way the categories appear on the home page. Thanks for all your help, guys! :O)

  8. Alright - if you have further issues, don't hesitate to start a new thread!

  9. srmiriamelizabeth

    Hi there,
    Dealing with the same issue and much less experience and know-how. Blog is I only see the side bar when the About page comes up. The homepage does not appear to have it. Any help for a techno-non geek would be appreciated. Thanks!

  10. srmiriamelizabeth - in the AutoFocus theme, the sidebar doesn't display on the homepage, nor on individual blog posts - only on pages, like your About page.

    If you do need a sidebar on your homepage, you could have a look through the theme directory. Many themes offer the option of a sidebar on the homepage.

    Good luck!

  11. srmiriamelizabeth

    Thank you kathrynwp! I did finally figure it out! I appreciate you and your time and presence here.

  12. My pleasure - glad to hear you figured it out!

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