AutoFocus Theme Date Removal in CSS

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    Hi, after endless searching and reading…I am still stumped. I am testing out the AutoFocus theme for layout (with CSS upgrade) and the first snag is exactly how to remove the “dates” from showing on the home page entry photos. In the CSS edit, I’ve tried entry date display as none, entry meta….none. I appreciate the help, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    To hide the date on the home page featured images in the AutoFocus theme, try this:

    .featured-date {
    display: none;

    WOW !!! you were so quick with your response!! IT WORKED!! Alright, you are a genius and fabulous, thank you, thank you.


    Cheers @cocodega :)



    worked for me too! do you know how to remove the the side part with the date that says, “This entry was published blah blah..”?

    #entry-meta {
    display: none;


    wow, it worked. thanks so much @thesacredpath!!


    You are welcome.

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