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    After four hours of failure, I am crying “uncle, UNCLE …”! I have the AutoFocus Theme with the CSS upgrade, love it. On the AutoFocus Theme Showcase page under custom menu, it quotes “…..If you decide to hide your site title and description, AutoFocus’ menu will automagically (really, it does say automagically) change from a vertical display to a horizontal orientation”. All of my attempts have failed….I am seriously missing the clues on this one. Please help me with what I need to do to have my navigation menu horizontal…Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    I cannot get your blog to load.
    re: hide site title and description
    > Appearance > Header > Custom Header
    scroll down and choose “no”:
    Display Text
    __No__ Yes
    That’s worked for me in my test blog.


    YIPEE! …….I am so THRILLED. It worked!!! This is my second time asking a question on this forum and I am so very impressed! All of you are amazing….Thank you again!



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)


    I love responses like that. :) Yay!



    So do I. :)


    Hey!…you (designsimply) are the first person that helped me! I was just emailing a client how impressed I am….hope you guys awards or perks for speed of light response time and solving the problem! I am very, appreciative you work the way you do!

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