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    Hi, support team!

    I wanted to set up a new blog and the AutoFocus by Allan Cole fits my purpose perfectly. However when I tried to post pictures, all of the post after the first one don’t appear on the home page. Only a gray sqyare instead and if I mouseover, it sais “Permalink to ***(post name)”.
    Is this a trouble with this particular theme or am I doing something wrong, I wonder?

    The blog I need help with is




    I had a look your site and it appears to me the images on posts (Except the first one) are not attached properly to the posts. In other words, they don’t seem to be uploaded to the posts.

    Could you try to upload the images to each post and then insert them into the posts and see if it works?



    I tried to upload a picture specially for the particular post and it worked, thank you!
    However, please, correct me if I’m wrong – do I need to post pictures for each post I make, or can I upload a bunch of pictures to the gallery and then use them for various posts?
    I thought the later was the case, but apparently it doesn’t seem to work that way.
    Could you, please advise?
    Thanks a lot in advance!



    I’m glad it worked fine for you.

    >do I need to post pictures for each post I make …

    Yes. In order to make the front page in AutoFocus work correctly, images have to be attached (uploaded) to each post.



    Ok, understood)
    Thank you so much for your assistance, Takashi!

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