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Automatic break

  1. Hello to the
    I´ve got a little problem with the formatting. See I write my posts in Open Office and paste them into the wordpress editor. With my first blog there was no problem with that but now there is one.
    The problem is that every break between the lines is gigantic and not like it was supposed to be what can I do to help it? It takes too much effort and I don´t have time to edit the HTML code so exactly.
    So is anybody able to help me?

  2. Office suites carry with them a lot of bizarre html codes and as such will mess things up in wordpress if you paste them directly in. On the extended toolbar in the wordpress editor, there is a "paste from Word" option, which should work with Open Office as well. Paste your text into the little popup window you get when you click on that icon (has a "W" on it) and then press the insert button and it will strip out all the offending codes.

  3. If you have a blog please post the url for it.
    If you have a blog we cannot help as it's different software What I would do with the existing posts draft or published posts is edit them, click the "code" tab icon #17 and make the adjustments required. For future posts I would use icon # G ( extra tools toolbar) for removing formatting and then publish the post.

  4. Should have included this link:

    Why not to use Word (applicable to open office as well:

  5. I should also note that there will be problems if you are using Safari.

  6. @tsp
    Yes I agree that icon F would do the job too. :)

  7. See if I don´t use Open Office there will still be the same problem, because the breaks are much too big and that´s not how I want them to be. It would destroy whole the design and that´s surely not what I want ;)
    Well I tried the "word"-button but the text lost it´s special formatting attributes like colour and so on.
    What can I do to help it?

  8. Write in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor? Then just go to the code view and copy the proper bits into the code editor in WordPress. I like Nvu. It's free. Or just use the visual editor in WordPress (doesn't play nice with Safari though). Or you could always learn HTML and code by hand in a text editor like Notepad/TextEdit/Kedit/Gedit (depending on your OS of choice).

  9. Open office and MS Office are always going to cause you problems because they will insert code that isn't allowed. Paragraph spacing is controlled in the CSS (custom style sheet) (or directly in the html of the theme) by the "margin-top and margin-bottom CSS properties, if they are specified, and by the "p" tags if not. If you are looking for the control over text, line spacing, formatting and such you get with a high-end print-oriented word processors and such, you are going to be disappointed with the web. CSS is handled differently by different browsers and what displays well in one browser may not display properly in another. What may look good to you on your computer with say, IE, may not look right at all on Safari, or Conquerer or Camino.

    You can get closer to what you want by using an offline editor designed for use with blogs such as those reviewed here: but again, you aren't going to have the "fine" control you will with Open Office or Quark, or Adobe InDesign.

  10. @tsp
    Thumbs up! Your explanation is crystal clear and mirrors my own experience struggling with Open Office and Word. I no longer use them at all. I don't have the patience required to muck about trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole every time I make a post. IMO an offline editor is the way to go.

  11. Doh.

    Of course I missed the obvious solution. It's been so long since I used an offline editor I forgot all about them. I still haven't found one I like that works under Linux.

  12. @katm
    Hmmm ... maybe atthe404 will drop in during the Holiday season and recommend one. Have you tried Vim?

  13. Hehehehehe...

    Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. Vim is a text editor (and an evil one at that). I'm more of an emacs girl. Next time I'm home, I get to have the classic Vi vs Emacs argument with my brother who's also a Linux geek.

    I've tried a few blog editors and I still haven't found anything I like as much as BlogDesk. So when I have the time and patience I code the HTML by hand in emacs. When I don't (most of the time) I use the wp online editor.

  14. @katm
    Vim is evil! I'm *rotflol*
    (I was a BlogDesk fan for quite awhile but now I use WindowsLiveWriter.)

  15. Oh, and I wasn't laughing at you (although seems like you realize that). I was laughing at the idea of me using vim. I tried it once and watched other people using it. I realized that I am definitely not geeky (nor smart) enough to grasp the inner workings of anything related to vi. Emacs is hard enough.

  16. I'm glad you understand that I was laughing "with" you. I'm not geeky. I simply haven't got the patience required to fiddle and fluff around. :)

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