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    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever used a forum Hi everyone..

    I was hoping to find a theme that will automaticly change the background and header with content from the current post – To match the whole blog to the ‘theme’ of your current post?

    I currently use Modularity Lite from Graph Paper Press ( and find it does the job in terms of presentation but I have to change the background and header manually.

    It would be nice if it automaticly cropped part of the image for the header, used a fill style for the background (adjusting font colour as appropriate) of images (or a screen shot of the video), or even a sample of text if it’s a word only piece..

    Does anyone agree or seen another like it (on or off wordpress).. ?

    Thanks in advance :-)


    lol – I just ran the spell check and it didn’t recognise “wordpress” <- fail

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Chronowerx—and welcome to the forums.

    lol – I just ran the spell check and it didn’t recognise “wordpress” <- fail

    That’s because it’s spelled WordPress with capital W and P. :)

    We have two themes that adjust background colors based on the image in the current post: Duotone and Monotone.

    We also have a few themes that allow you to adjust the header image per page or post if you use the “Featured Image” feature to upload an image to that post or page. Twenty Ten and Coraline are themes that both do that.

    See for more information on using Featured Images.

    As far as changing the background per post or page (other than the photoblog themes mentioned above), I can’t think of a theme that does that. It’s a cool idea, though.

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