automatic date as link for each post (instead of title of the post)

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    well, I don´t like to title each post. in fact for me the title is it´s own date, and the date is added automatically!! so I don´t loose time trying to discover what the day… but it doesn´t link to the post it self.

    so… could I put some css to make this automatic written date be the link for it´s post?? (instead of the title)

    I know I can do it by writting down the date as title of the post, but it takes me almost one minute to realize what day I´m living in… and I use to commit mistakes too. I just hate to do it.

    I know I´m making an abuse of this forum, I believe it´s all for me! but I´m almost done, and I´m building the web of my life… customicing everything… this is a dream.

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    i have exacly the same question. if you have the answer please tell me.


    No way to do that except for manually entering the date and CSS is for styling elements only, it cannot add or change functionality.



    I have the answer: it is No.

    The permalinks are not configurable like that here at You could do it on an independently-hosted blog using software, but it’s a terrible idea which will lead to your blog being essentially ignored by search engines.

    If you want to customize everything, you want to get independent hosting and WordPress.ORG software. You do not want to be here. But you’d better know what you’re doing!


    The other thing is, search engines will not much like having a date as a post title.


    And Raincoaster beat me to it.



    You could have a structure like that if you didn’t use Posts at all, but then you wouldn’t have a blog or very much visibility to Search Engines. Like, virtually none.


    thanks for the answers. from school I´ve been told “you don´t want to be here” ja ja ja. it´s my fate.
    but I always resist.
    I don´t like epitaphs, the only titles that are really important in ones life are date of birth and date of death… and google won´t even remember those ones.

    thanks again for the answers.



    yes there´s a way, simply taking automatic date displayed after “posted on” as the title of the post (taking away everything else using css)


    the answer is: yes

    this is the second time I find a so big NO as an answer when I´ve tryed to make customizations. I think you should think twice before closing a door this way.

    this is the other imposible thing that finally was possible (after all thats what I love of wordpress, almost anything you can think is possible!!):


    Well, if you are happy with it, have at it.

    From a graphic designer’s standpoint your titles become the most important thing on the page and draw people away from your content, which should be the most important thing.

    Secondly, your post titles break all the SEO and good title rules. They tell the visitor, or the searcher on a search engine nothing whatsoever about your post. Search engines don’t like that.




    Normally bloggers choose to create blogs that are both reader and search engine friendly. These days we have people who make blog for themselves which is to say that they are governed entirely by aesthetics and make their decisions without comprehending the impacts on SEO and discoverability.

    Best wishes to you, but please don’t come crying back to us if and when you find that the aesthetic deicisons you make now don’t result in a strong and steady flow of organic traffic to your blog later.


    when I opened this thread I was asking if it was possible or not. I appreciate some of your advises, but the answer was if it was possible, and the answers were NO, imposible, no way… (the same happened to me with this post

    we are adults, one should have all info and then take his own decisions.

    for me it´s very very important that my posts have it´s date as “title”.

    if I want a post to be well search enginated then I can add a title, but it won´t be displayed. because I just can´t stand titles.

    let´s try to think that doing things in a different or even a weird way is not something bad or wrong.

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