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    I’m looking for a way to have a Facebook page have its status change automatically whenever I make a new blog entry. I’m using a Facebook to Twitter app on Facebook that updates Twitter whenever the Facebook status is changed so I’m set on Twitter as long as I can get Facebook to automatically update.

    I’m also looking for a way to let users be updated by email whenever a new post is made. I’m thinking about using Google Groups for that but I’m flexible. I really want it to be automatic though.

    The blog I need help with is



    Here you go this article should help you there’s also a video tutorial with the article



    for the email update, try Feedburner, which offers a “subscribe by email” thing that you can paste the code into a text widget in the sidebar.


    Support doc on email subscriptions via feedburner: .


    I am concerned about the import utility WordPress allows us to use for getting our weblog content into Facebook.

    I watched the video t3ck suggests above. I followed the procedure and sure enough, my WordPress posts started showing up in my Live News feed.

    But, when I looked to see the link, it is exactly my RSS link for my weblog.

    This means that anyone can load any RSS feed into their Facebook registration and then regardless of content it is spewed all over the place to their “friends” and there friends’ friends.

    Believe me, there is a lot of “stuff” on the internet with RSS feed links that I would like not to see from my “friends”.

    It would be much better if we simply had the Facebook little bitty blue “F” and whatever is behind it on WordPress, regardless of the theme we use. It should be, whatever you call it, a thing that a WordPress writer can load in or attach to his or her weblog.

    I will be entering this plea at Facebook also.


    Member will do exactly what you want.

    As for Facebook, it’s main purpose as far as I can see is to spew information nobody wants to as wide an audience as possible. It’s not about what you want to read; it’s about what your friends want to wave under your nose.



    Honestly what bothers me with the facebook notes is that, when a friend clicks on the message that appears on the profile he’s not directed to the wordpress page, but to kind of Facebook RSS reader.

    Honestly, I think that wordpress should offer this function to the users.



    Like I said, GetSocial does this. If you’re getting an RSS page instead, you’re inserting the RSS link, not the actual post URL.


    I have tried that procedure outlined in the video suggested by t3ck. With all due respect, it just plain does not work for me. If one of my posts does get to Facebook, it is after too many hours. With sites with the Facebook application “F”, it is instantaneous. I use them all the time to promote my issues. (I am not a twitterer. Twitter, in my estimation, is for twits.)

    Why can we not have a “Share” box, like I find at so many other sites, or even just the Facebook application “F”? Instead, reading this thread and so many others, we are lead to complex procedures which are just to technical for non-technical writers. My interests are Classical music, Jazz, and Public Radio, not how to deal with html code or any other technical stuff.

    Why can we not have at WordPress what so many of us are finding on other sites?


    I see what my (the) problem with this is, and it is a Facebook problem, not a WordPress problem, but it is still unsatisfactory:

    I did two WordPress posts around 11:00AM Saturday past. Facebook did not pick them up until 8:00 PM.

    Thank is really pretty poor.

    If we had a Facebook application available to our themes, the thing woiuld be immediate. I know that you guys have complicated ways for us to get Facebook into our weblogs, but that stuff is beyond me.

    Many sites I use, just as free as Facebook, supply either a Facebook application or a whole Share block full of choices. With Google Reader, and probably any other RSS aggregator, I just copy and past the URL of the article into Facebook and it is there in an instant. I tried this and it worked, but poorly, just text and not very inviting.

    So, WordPress, how about it? Make it simple. We will love you for it.



    “I just copy and past the URL of the article into Facebook and it is there in an instant.”

    (1) I do NOT comprehend why anyone would wish to create “duplicate content” and risk a Google PageRank penalty for doing so. Presumably, your Facebook readers are capable of clicking a link and arriving in your blog or simply subscribing directly to the posts, aren’t they?

    (2) I likewise do NOT comprehend why anyone would take the position that we need multiple means of flooding the internet with duplicated content is a good thing for us all. Good for whom? And how is “good” defined?

    (She scratches her head because she just does not get it.)



    1) posting a link to FB does not count as duplicate content; it’s a snippet and link, not the entire article. Yes, it WOULD be idiotic to post the entire article into Facebook, and would result in grave consequences for your blog here.

    4) is nobody reading what I wrote in this thread?




    Got it! will do exactly what you want.



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