Automatic font change for a theme

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    Is it my imagination, but has the font improved in MistyLook? If it hasn’t, then I blame the mountain area where we are hanging out.

    The blog I need help with is



    IMHO you aren’t imagining it. The font is now very readable. I like it. :)



    Staff have been tweaking themes like crazy recently.


    I have a new blog (Neutra theme) and it appears as if the lines in posts are double-spaced. I cannot find a provision in the posting edits page for altering spacing…

    Any advice?


    @maxhirshfeldpictures, the site linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog. If you are talking about a wordpress.COM blog then we need a link to that blog please.


    @maxhirshfeldpictures, I just looked at Neutra on one of my test blogs, and it does have greater than normal line height.

    If you have CSS editing experience and buy the CSS upgrade, you can change that. Themes here are done by individual designers, and that was this theme author’s choice to open up the line spacing.

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