Automatic Hyperlinking of URLs breaks Media Embed

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    A feature I love using and sharing in WordPress is the ability to embed media from flickr, YouTube, etc via a plain URL on a blank line.

    But it seems that some themes automatically convert URLs to hyperlinks, which then break the embed. I am using the I2 theme on a site where we are asking people to post tributes by email, and the URLs on a blank line end up as links.

    On my self hosted WP sites, I know how to de-activate that, but cannot do that of course on

    Shouldn’t themes or WP have a setting to turn off the autolinking of URLs? or can the autoembed functionality be modified to manage URLs that have been made links?

    These features seem to conflict with each other.



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    Sigh, autobot., I know what this forum is.

    The site we are using this is

    Are you happy?



    Yes a URL is required and thanks for posting it. Click this link please and note that that troubleshooting section is found on all the other embed docs too.

    In fact if one follows the shortcode instructions this is not a factor. It works every time.



    Using shortcodes is fine for wordpress authors who will know or know how to look these up.

    For very very basic users, and people who are submitting a single email, it is way too much IMHO to expect them to use shortcodes.

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