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Automatic Likes

  1. Hello. I have noticed some very fast "Likes" to my posts. I will publish something, and within minutes (sometimes in a single minute) a few people will "Like" it. Without being too judgmental, these people don't always seem like the types who would be excited about what I am posting. My blog is far, far, far from a super blog, and I don't have many followers. At all. I DO tag my posts such things as "Art", "Photography" and/or "Writing", so I am thinking maybe there is a way for some people's blogs to automatically "Like" something tagged a certain subject and they therefore get more traffic ? Is this true ??

    I bet it is.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Besides third party applications, I don't think they are automatically liking your posts. Whenever I post some photos on my photography blog, I get likes very quickly too. Your followers (even if you only have a few) are still getting emails instantly when you post something, plus tagging your posts definitely attracts traffic fast.

  3. Hm. That's very interesting.

    Thanks !

  4. Hi, I was also curious about these "instant likes", These likes happen only in the first few hours after a new post and not necessarily from followers. I am a fairly new blogger and would like to know how others would come across my posts so fast.

  5. The posts you publish are in your RSS Feed and available to feedreader subscribers/followers.

  6. They're also available on Tag Surfer, and people do find and Like things there without it counting as a hit.

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